Local structure analysis beamline

BL11 is a hard X-ray bending magnet beamline designed for engineering science research. The main techniques that are used with this beamline are X-ray absorption and X-ray small-angle scattering. The beamline has two experimental hutches. The first experimental hutch is located 12 m from the source and has dimensions of 3 m (along beam) × 3 m (W) × 3 m (H). The second is located 21.5 m from the source and has dimensions of 6 m (along beam) × 3 m (W) × 2.7 m (H). An XAFS measurement system is installed in the first experimental hutch.




 Energy range

2.1 keV ~ 23 keV

Energy resolution (ΔE/E)
10-4 ~ 10-3

 Photon flux

2×109 photons/sec @ 7.2 keV
Beam size

5 mm (H) × 1 mm (V) (varies depending on slit size)

Area of research (keywords)


Experimental stations

  • Overview of XAFS measurement system
  • Measurement system in transmission mode
  • Lytle detector for fluorescence XAFS
  • Silicon drift detector for fluorescence XAFS
  • Measurement system in conversion electron yield (CEY) mode


Overview of XAFS measurement system



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