BL09 : experimental equipment

X-ray irradiation chamber



Horizontal (X) / vertical (Z) / rotation (R) driving stage, scroll pump, helium gas, nitrogen gas, mortar controller unit, vacuum display

 X-ray irradiation chamber
Figure 1   X-ray irradiation chamber

X, Z, R stage in the chamber

Figure 2   X, Z, R stage in the chamber


Dose monitor display

Figure 3   Dose monitor display

The chamber is installed in a clean room (class 10,000)
The air in the chamber is extracted using a scroll pump (maximum vacuum: ~100 Pa)
Beam size: 100 mm (H) × 15 mm (V)
The driving ranges of the vertical and horizontal stages are from -30 to +30 mm and that of the rotation stage is from -120° to +120°. Experiments can be conducted by driving any of the three stages (see Fig. 2).
Helium and nitrogen gases are available. If you intend to bring other gases, please inform us in advance.
The displayed dose is calculated by [Storage ring current (mA) × Time (hour)] (see Fig. 3).
Please consult us regarding any other aspects of using the chamber for experiments. 


  X-ray topography


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